Consulting and Leadership Services

On your side of the table

Do you need someone on your side of the table whom you can trust?

Cameri deliver consulting and leadership services to businesses, governments and NGO's.

We help our clients build a future-ready organization, creating societal and stakeholder value. We can offer international expertise through a network of senior management consultants, which will be independent and technology agnostic.

We will have skin in the game, focusing on the value created. Your objectives are our objectives - always with the client’s best interest in mind

Cameri Consulting Services

Are you an Executive stepping on to uncharted territories?

Services we deliver

  • Decision support when Executives are faced with business-critical situations and choices
  • Independent advisory
  • Crisis management support

How we deliver

  • Management consultants with experience from similar situations
  • Bespoke consulting – a customized approach and methodology
  • Skin in the game

Issues we recognize

  • Deciding business strategy
  • Approaching a digital transformation
  • Operational issues; business performance, program delivery, conflict mediation

Cameri Leadership Services

Are you in need of an experienced leader?

Services we deliver

  • Non-Executive Director roles for Businesses, Public Sector and NGOs
  • Member of Committees and Councils
  • C-suite Coaching and Management for Hire
  • Faculty and training programs

How we deliver

  • Your objectives are our objectives
  • Leaders with relevant background and experience
  • Independence
  • Local or international support – subject to business needs

Issues we recognize

  • Diversity in Boards and Committees
  • Need for leadership support to close a gap
  • Desire to challenge the Status Quo
  • An outside-in perspective

Our Team

We offer an international team of very experienced consultants               

Our Point of View

We like to say things as we see them. Here you would find experienced based thoughts, expressing our Point of View on some business critical issues. 

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